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What Makes Us Special

It’s the flexibility of a home with the reliability of a hotel, know what you are getting 100% of the time

Handpicked Locations

Regardless of the destination you can trust our homes are located in best parts of town. All aimed at providing you with a one of kind travel experience.

Experience Life as a Local

We have feet on the ground everywhere we operate and offer local experiences to perfectly complement your stay. Dare to enjoy your destination beyond the typical internet search.

Unique Design

Beautifully decorated, comfortable spaces that makes us feel good while at the same time being practical and affordable.


We are here for you. We offer 24/7 support across all our destinations. End of day it matters who you travel with and you are travelling with us, we care.

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With a Pool

After a long day of traveling or simply to chill through the day, there’s nothing like a refreshing dip in the pool. If you’re looking to make a splash on your next holiday, we’ve rounded up all our Luminas with an on site pool.

Tulum & Punta Cana travel Guide

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Are you a a real estate owner looking for attractive returns while building the future of hospitality? 

We are constantly searching for new places to join the Lumina network of homes. Our business model is flexible and can adapt to owners needs and expectations. From full lease to revenue share we are open to work out options with all type of asset owners.

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