10 Things to Know Before You Visit Tulum

25 August 2021
10 Things to Know Before You Visit Tulum

Are you looking for a place where there is an endless white sand beach, fancy restaurants, world-class beach clubs and hotels, and fascinating boho-chic culture? If yes, head your way to Tulum and explore the beauty of the Mexican Caribbean coast.

Whether you want a destination for a honeymoon or beach vacation, Tulum is the place you are looking for. If you are in the Yucatan Peninsula area of Cancun, you can easily reach Tulum on a day trip. 

Tulum is located on Mexico’s eastern coast, within the Quintana Roo state. If it is your first time visiting this gorgeous destination, keep reading and learn the 10 things you should know before visiting it.

1. Visit During Low Season 

If you are planning a trip to Tulum, it is best to visit the place during the low season. In other words, you should not go there during the late December, February, April, and summer months. Instead, pack your things between late August and early December. That way, you can avoid high season prices and crowds.

tulum best season

2. Do the Currency Exchange 

Before traveling to Tulum, it is recommended to do the currency exchange. If not, you can withdraw pesos once you arrive in Tulum at a bank ATM to get the best exchange rate. Most businesses in Tulum accept Mexican pesos and US dollars. This means visitors from the US will find it incredibly convenient.

On the other hand, once you take a look at the exchange rates, using US dollars requires you to pay a massive premium for a similar service or product. So, it is better to use Mexican pesos.

3. Visit the Ruins

One of the main reasons why people visit Tulum is they want to hang out on the beach. However, you should not miss the Maya ruins. Those are some of the only ruins found exactly on the water. So, visiting them is a once-in-a-lifetime cultural experience for you. Plus, they are great for beautiful vacation photos.

Tulum ruins

4. Be Careful in Choosing Cenotes 

Cenotes (natural limestone sinkholes) are among the reasons why people visit Tulum. You can find plenty of them around, varying in terms of attractiveness, price, and size. If you wish to save money, visiting the off-the-beaten-path cenote like Zacil-Ha is a wise idea. Cenotes like Dos Ojos are often crowded and more expensive.

5. Don’t Miss the Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve

While getting to Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve requires a bit of an effort, having an outing to this destination is one of the best outdoor activities in Tulum. After you pass the beach hotels and you enter the Mayan jungle, you will reach this spot.

6. Try the Off-the-Beaten-Path Place to Savor Authentic Foods

If you want to save money during your stay in Tulum, you have to avoid dining out. Instead, you can try the most authentic and cheapest places to eat in the downtown area. The best way to know if the place is good, search for taco stands or restaurants with the longest line or most customers.

7. Eat Plenty of Seafood

Are you a seafood lover? If yes, Tulum is a perfect place to find delicious and fresh seafood. During evenings, you can even find food stands and restaurants that sell fish taco. 

8. Join Yoga Class 

Tulum is a wellness and health-focused area. So, do not get surprised if you see tons of yoga areas. Whether you are a beginner or already have experienced in yoga, this destination offers you many opportunities to relax and improve health while enjoying beautiful views. 

9. Hire a Bike 

Tulum is one of the bike-friendly towns in Mexico. Since it is a few kilometers from the beach, hiring a bike can make the travel even more exciting. Don’t worry; you do not need to buy a bicycle. You can find many independent bike-hire shops. Some hotels also offer bike rentals and even for free. 

10. Use Biodegradable Supplies 

While Tulum has become more popular among travelers, it struggles to deal with waste produced by visitors and locals. In other words, this town faces environmental challenges. That is why locals and visitors are advised to use biodegradable supplies. 

You can bring your reusable water container and use alternatives to plastic straws. If you go shopping, you can use eco-friendly bags where you can place the items. 


Even in a short period, Tulum can make you fall in love with the different destinations and activities it offers. You can wake up to breathtaking sunrise or end your day by watching the enchanting sunset.

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