Our Favorite Destinations for the Perfect Honeymoon

04 September 2021

Are you looking for a perfect honeymoon destination? If so, you came to the right place. Keep reading, and you will discover the top picks to experience a once-in-a-lifetime escape.

Congratulations! You have finally tied the knot! However, how about your honeymoon?

Wedding planning can be exciting but also be a major source of stress. Besides planning your wedding, you also need to consider preparing for your honeymoon. After all, it is a perfect time to enjoy quality time with your spouse. 

Before you finalize a specific destination, you have to ensure that the trip is relaxing and suits your wants and needs as a couple. Fear not about the possible honeymoon destination selection. Below are the best and most favorite honeymoon destinations from different parts of the world:

1. The Maldives 

The Maldives is a small nation of islands just southwest of Sri Lanka. This destination is perfect for couples who love oceans. Besides the white sand, many couples also fell in love with the aquiline-blue waters and enchanting sunsets. 

This honeymoon destination is all about relaxation and indulgence. Resorts can organize a private infinity pool or arrange a candlelit dinner for the couples. The exotic spa therapy is also recommended to melt away the stress of wedding planning. Plus, a private yacht can bring couples into the Indian Ocean and enjoy a dolphin cruise.

Honeymoon Destinations

2. Bali 

For another tropical-themed honeymoon, Bali is an ideal spot with your partner. Couples can explore the mesmerizing environment while cycling through roads and villages surrounded by greenery. The beaches are sprinkled with some hints of adventure, culture, and spirituality.

You can try trekking at Mount Batur to see the breathtaking sunrise or enjoy a romantic breakfast on the top of the volcano. This destination is also a perfect spot to join a cooking class to learn how to make Indonesian fried rice called “Nasi Goreng” together. Plus, couples can watch the Fire Dance and Balise Kecak at the Uluwatu Temple.

Honeymoon Destinations Mexico

3. Phuket and Krabi 

When thinking of a fun, unforgettable honeymoon, Thailand should be part of your list. In the southern part of this country, you will find Phuket and Krabi. These beachside destinations are perfect for young couples who love adventure. 

You can try the kayaking tour through the mangrove forests in Krabi. For an exotic marine life experience, you can go for scuba or snorkeling activities. In the evening, spend time together by going to Bangla Road for an incredible nightlife experience in Phuket.

Honeymoon Destinations Mexico

4. Punta Cana 

A beautiful region within the Dominican Republic, Punta Cana offers many luxury resorts. Swaying palm trees, white beaches, and delicious food selections are some of the reasons why it is the Dominican Republic’s most visited part. This destination is perfect for a Caribbean-themed honeymoon. 

Many couples enjoy the three-hour sailing along the Punta Canta coast and then have a sit-down dinner. From Bavaro Beach, you can reach the Hoyo Azul, where you can witness the magical blue lagoon. If you want to explore the Punta Cana wilderness, you can go for a Jeep Safari trip.

Honeymoon Destinations in Mexico

5. Tulum 

Newlyweds will experience a tropical paradise at Tulum, whether they want an activity-packed getaway or low-key escape. If you seek adventure in Mexico, visiting Tulum lets you explore eco-reserve, cenote, and Mayan ruin. Plus, many restaurants serve vegan fare, fresh local seafood, top-notch tacos, Mayan cuisine, and more.

Outdoor activities in Tulum are endless, from swimming to scuba diving to snorkeling. You can rent a car and take a drive to the Chichen Itza, Akumal, or Xel-Ha water park. You can also book a Boga Yoga Floating Excursion.

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Honeymoon Destinations in Tulum

6. Greece 

Do you want a Mediterranean-style honeymoon? If so, head your way to Greece. This destination processes beautiful, azure skies and seas. Delphi and Athens are some of the must-visit spots because of their legendary ruins. If you wish to get away from the crowds, you can make lesser-known islands like Kastelorizo and Crythera part of your itinerary.

For a picture-perfect shot, do not forget to visit Santorini. Once you take a yacht cruising that will bring you to the middle of the Mediterranean, you have a chance to witness the stunning sunset.

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7. Colombia 

Colombia is a vibrant country in Latin America, where you can spend your honeymoon. This destination offers a classic romance combined with buzzy nightlife. Visiting Cartagena allows you to explore the pastel buildings and Columbia’s popular dining options.

The Corocora Camp located in Llanos Orientales offers an authentic cowboy feel. This is a perfect spot to experience herding cattle and bird watching, explore the terrain on horseback, or spend days on the road in a 4×4. 

Honeymoon Destinations in America


No matter what your honeymoon ideas are, there is a perfect place to make the entire experience memorable and satisfying. Different destinations offer different experiences and memories, but the most important thing is that you are with your loved one. If you decided to visit Punta Cana or Tulum, do not forget to contact Lumina for a luxury accommodation.

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