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Welcome to a better way to stay

Welcome to a better way to stay and experience travel in Tulum, Mexico. We are not your typical AirBnb or weekend rental.

We built Lumina because we care how people experience travel in the places we know and love.

Welcome to Tulum, no introduction needed. Here are our favorite picks to make the best out of your trip.

Important to note: we don’t get any money from recommending these places/apps, it’s honest feedback so you can make the most out of your stay. We are also travelers and appreciate when we get tips from locals. 

For all your delivery needs: try

Tulum is unique in so many ways, the typical delivery apps (UBER Eats, Postmates, etc.) don’t opeate yet in Tulum

From Tulum for Tulum, is good enough to cover all your delivery needs. 

Breakfast… we like it close to home

All within Aldea Zama/Pueblo Tulum, walking or a short bike ride away.

Click on any of the links for location and additional information from Google

Lunch + Dinner = Linner

We are locals, these are our top picks, however there is so much to choose from in Tulum. Any additional recommendations? join the conversation on our social networks and let us know, just tag @luminastays

  • El Camello or La Barracuda – local trustable seafood, affordable, plastic chairs, the true local vibe.

  • Raw Love or Matcha Mama – Delicious vegan bowls.

  • Don Honorio – Best tacos in town. open until 3PM.

  • Rosa Negra – one of the Tulum top restaurants. Latin food, great music and drinks. recommended for group of friends.

  • Taboo– Mediterranean food, party music, cocktails and tantalizing dishes. Reservation needed.

  • Parole– Italian restaurant in the heart of Tulum’s hotel zone, surrounded by jungle, and mangroves. Intimate atmosphere. Reservation needed.

  • Kitchen Table– Simple menu with a few but amazing dishes. Kitchen Table is a contemporary local sourced restaurant. Jungle setting. Reservation needed.

The nightlife, deserves its own chapter

So much too choose from but if you are only in town for a few days we recommend you try at least these. 

Important to note: restaurants in Tulum also have a great vibe and ambience, so start the night with dinner + drinks and carry on to any of the spots below. Many of these spots also serve great food so might be worth to stay on the full night experience

  • Gitano – Great DJs and cocktails, all days are great, but Friday is usually the best.

  • Papaya Playa Project – Make sure to check their site for events, the calendar is constantly evolving. As explained on their site: Papaya Playa Project is a hotel where nature and community are the center of its concept.

  • Casa Jaguar – Casa Jaguar hosts a unique Jungle party every Thursday night on their back terrace. Parties begin after 11:00 and run late into the night with local and international DJs setting the tone.

I’ve eaten, I’ve partied what else do I do? 

Tulum and all of Riviera Maya have so much to offer. Here are top picks of some ideas and places to visit. 

Tulum is such a magical place, rent a car, rent a bike, rent an e scooter and dare to explore, it’s worth it. Need help renting any of the above or moving around, we can help you just ping us.

  • And off course… the ruins. Worth your time if you haven’t visited before. 

Meet Your Lumina Team 🧡

“As you can tell… we love Tulum and we know it well (like every destination we operate in 😉).

Should you need any help setting up your stay or further insights on things to do, don’t hesitate to reach out.

We thrive on ensuring you have a memorable stay, it’s our passion.”

-Gabi and Sandra (Operations Managers, Lumina Tulum)

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