Why Everyone Loves Standup Paddling (SUP) in Punta Cana & Tulum

01 September 2021
standup paddling in Punta Cana and Tulum

Are you interested in standup paddling (SUP)? Do you want to know why SUP is becoming more popular among adventure lovers? Keep reading and discover top reasons to love this water activity.

Standup paddling refers to an activity where you have to stand on a large surfboard and then paddle. People say that it does not start as a sport. Instead, Hawaiian surf instructors used it to move around when attending to learners to the water. Later on, it officially becomes a popular sport.

Standup Paddling Popular Destinations 

If you are looking for perfect SUP destinations, Punta Cana and Tulum will not disappoint your expectations. 

Beaches in Punta Cana are simply perfect as they offer calm and warm waters. You can try various SUP destinations like Punta Cana Kite Paradise, Discova, Waves Punta Cana, Tour Arena, and Vaiven Tour. 

If you prefer Tulum to try standup paddleboarding, you can join different paddle tours. These include Cenote SUP Tour, Lagoon SUP Tour, Reef SUP Tour, and Ruins SUP Tour.

Below are the reasons why everyone loves standup paddling:

  • Reason 1: Burns A Lot of Calories 

One of the reasons why SUP appeals more to the masses is that it burns a lot of calories. The number of calories it burns is more than most intense exercise. 

For example, walking often burns many calories. However, standup paddling can burn calories twice walking can. In one hour, you can already burn 304 to 305 calories.

  • Reason 2: Created Competition and Challenge 

The beauty of standup paddling is that you can join this sport whether you want to compete with others or yourself. You will love the joy of paddling yourself or with your friends. 

The challenge of paddling comes from learning the weather, winds, and tides, particularly that these things are different each day in the exact location. Looking and trying new SUP destinations is another challenge.

  • Reason 3: Effective Cardio Workout 

Standup paddle boarding may look very easy from the shore. However, it is one of the intense workouts you can ever try. Racing friends, increasing the work rate, or taking advantage of the “HITT” style techniques each session helps get the heart rate up. 

If you make this sport a routine, you will get surprised how your cardio fitness improves. As a result, you can lower the risk of developing diseases like stroke, heart attack, joint problems, and diabetes.

  • Reason 4: Promotes Low Impact Exercise 

While different sporting activities are highly beneficial to your body, most of them are strenuous. For sure, you have already seen some athletes or fitness enthusiasts who suffered from injuries while training or playing.

As for standup paddleboarding, this sport is gentle to the muscles and body. Since it involves standing, balancing, and paddling, your chances of getting muscular injuries are low. This water sport does not subject the ligaments and tendons to unexpected or excessive impact. 

In fact, injured athletes under a rehabilitation program are advised to play SUP. That is because it helps speed up the muscles’ healing process with no further damage.

  • Reason 5: Reduces Stress 

If stress levels get out of control, it can lead to severe mental disorders. That is why everyone must keep their stress levels under control by doing physical activities.

Water provides a relaxing effect on both body and mind. The sound of water, along with the environment, is very soothing. So, once you start paddling with the right rhythm and inhale the fresh air, you will feel how stress reduces. Plus, the beautiful ocean view offers a soothing effect while stimulating your brain. 

Standup Paddling
  • Reason 6: Gets Close to Nature 

Standup paddling gives you a better way to enjoy the pure bliss and sights of nature. While you are paddling and balancing, you have a great chance to witness the breathtaking views of the ocean or the creatures underwater. You can also see the picture-perfect sunrise or sunset and other mesmerizing moments. Seeing the beauty of nature will give you a sense of peace.

  • Reason 7: Meet New Friends

With standup paddling, you can meet and socialize with other people with whom you can share the same interests. This sport is not only an excellent activity with friends and family, but also to grow your social circle. Every time you go to new locations, there is no way for you not to meet new people. Those people can help you improve your paddling skills and gain valuable knowledge about the sport. 


If you want to keep a healthy lifestyle, you need a lot of commitment and discipline. So, it’s no surprise why most people find it challenging. However, SUP has proved that keeping healthy and fit can be enjoyable.

Meanwhile, if you are looking for a luxury and satisfying accommodation while enjoying SUP in Punta Cana and Tulum, you can book at Lumina. Happy paddling!

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