The Best Places to Stay in Tulum

25 September 2021

The town of Tulum, located in Mexico, is the perfect tourist destination for those after a laid-back setting where they can experience tranquility, learn about the rich history of the Mayan civilization, and enjoy the beautiful beaches the town has to offer.

If you are planning a trip to Tulum, you may be wondering where you should stay. We have compiled a list of some of the best places to stay in Tulum, so you are never in the dark. 

Aldea Zama

Aldea Zama is among Tulum’s best residential areas, with awe-inspiring accommodation with incredible jungle views. 

A great reason to choose Aldea Zama during your stay in Tulum is that it is only five minutes away from the beach. 

The beaches make up a significant part of this town, and they are a place where you can relax and take in the ocean views, go diving with dolphins, scuba dive among impressive coral reefs, and learn the ancient history of the Mayan ruins.

At Lumina, we can assist you in selecting the best lodging for your next visit to the beautiful town of Tulum. We give travelers access to the best lodging options in Aldea Zama. 

One such lodging is the two-bedroom private pool and terrace unit that we have in Aldea Zama. It has all the amenities you could need for you and your family. 

Calle Sayil, Aldea Zama

Calle Sayil is an excellent area to find accommodation as it is at the heart of Aldea Zama. Enjoy the quietness of jungle views from your balcony at the Highline Building. Lumina offers several luxury apartment accommodations in Calle Sayil.

Gain access to private pools and terraces, and recharge while taking in the beautiful views of the jungle, travel by foot to your next adventure, or enjoy the culture and nightlife that Tulum has to offer by booking your stay in the heart of the best residential areas in Tulum.

Along the Beaches

If you prefer to stay closer to the beaches, you can choose from one of many hotels found along the shores of Tulum. Beach accommodation may be divided into four areas that each offer its unique characteristics.

These are Beach Town, South, Middle, and North Beach zones. Beach Town and the Middle Beach zones are considered the party areas, while areas such as Aldea Zama and South Beach are more suitable for families.

Honeymooners may enjoy North Beach or South Beach, but almost every area in Tulum is suitable for those on their honeymoon.

The most affordable beach area for drinking, dining, and shopping is Beach Town, where wild beach parties are often held.


The Pueblo can be found a little farther away from the coastline. It is the lively downtown area of Tulum where you can find cheap to moderately priced accommodation. Pueblo is home to several hotels, restaurants, dance clubs, and bars, where you can find authentic Tulum cuisine. 

Depending on your location, cycling from the Pueblo to the Beach takes between 15 and 45 minutes. 

However, if you are walking, this can take up to two hours. Most hotels provide free or low-cost bicycles to guests, making it easy to reside in one location while enjoying another. This area is an excellent option if you are a party-lover.

Tankah Neighborhood

In the northern part of North Beach, you can find the small, quiet neighborhood of Tankah. This is Tulum’s most tranquil neighborhood, with only a few restaurants, boutique hotels, beach clubs. 

Most of the hotels in this area are located on pristine beaches, although there are a few areas with rocky shorelines. This is a great area to stay if you need to unwind and take in the tranquil sounds of the ocean. It is also one of the closest areas to the Mayan ruins.

Booking Accommodation in Tulum? Contact Lumina

You can get expert help and guidance when choosing accommodations without paying more just because you are a tourist. Lumina accommodations have all the amenities you might like, so you can enjoy everything Tulum has to offer, without compromising on comfort.

If you are looking for a more permanent residence, such as a rental or real estate, Lumina has you covered. As experts in Tulum who are passionate about helping people find accommodation that doesn’t disappoint, we can help you find the right property in Tulum. Contact us for more information.

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