10 Things to Know Before You Visit Punta Cana

06 September 2021
Things to Know Before You Visit Punta Cana

Working in the office for eight hours every day can be boring and tedious, especially when it has been your life for the past months now. It is time to take a break. But with countless tourist destinations to choose from, which should you opt for when the pandemic is finally over? 

This is where Punta Cana can come to your rescue. Punta Cana is a popular beach destination that the Dominican Republic can offer. It is a stunning coastal town that the locals, expats, and other travelers flock to. We cannot blame them, as Punta Cana has everything people look for in their dream vacation. 

Here are the other things you should know when visiting this world-class coastal town: 

The Beaches are Powder-White 

The Dominican Republic is home to different attractions. So, it is no surprise you have visited some of what it can offer. Perhaps, you have gone to Jarabacoa, La Romana, and the Cable Car in Puerto Plata. But wait, there’s more!

If you yearn for a beach with white powdery sand and bluish and crystal clear water, Punta Cana got you covered. 

There are Many Activities for Everyone 

Most people believe that Punta Cana is just a destination for beach lovers. But it goes beyond that. More than the beaches, Punta Cana provides other activities that will surely satisfy your requirements as a traveler. Some of the best activities are windsurfing, zipline, sail, and kayak, perfect for adventurous travelers out there. 

Also, there are malls where you can shop whenever you want. 

Spring is the Best Time to Visit 

Have you ever traveled to a country before and you were surprised by the cold weather? How’s the experience? Perhaps, you were a bit disappointed. 

Since you have plans to go to Punta Cana, what is the best time to travel to this top destination? 

It is from March to May, definitely, as the season is over. But if you are not available during these months, the coastal town is open to the public all year round. 

Dominican Dishes Can Satisfy Your Unique Tastebuds and Craving

Dominican cuisine is very diverse as it is influenced by Taino, African, Middle Eastern, and Spanish flavors. 

So, there is nothing to be afraid of. Popular dishes you cannot afford to miss are Mangu (boiled plantains with some onions), La Bandera (it composes of beans, stewed meat, and rice), Pescado Frito (fried fish), and Sancocho (a stew of meat and vegetables). 

The Resorts are All-Inclusive

Studies have shown that more than 90% of the resorts in Punta Cana are all-inclusive. What does it mean, though? An all-inclusive resort means any tourists pay an accommodation package in advance. 

Usually, a travel package includes a room, some entertainment, and food. It may vary depending on your chosen service provider. But when going out for dinner and drinks, make sure to bring some cash for your comfort.

Taxis Can Cost You an Arm or a Leg 

If you have not visited a coastal town like Punta Cana, be ready as the taxis are expensive. 

But there is a cheaper option you would love to try. Since it takes a lot of time to travel from the airport to Punta Cana, it is much better to arrange an airport transfer. 

You can also save some cash if you travel with friends and family. 

The Spas are the Best 

Travelling to Punta Cana is long and tiring. After a few hours of flight, you deserve some pampering, and spas in this coastal town are the best. 

Although any spa treatments can require additional costs, they are worth it. Also, there are several options to pick from. These are steam rooms, saunas, open-air pools, whirlpools, and more. 

It Is Where You Can Find and Try Mamajuana 

Do you love tasting any drinks whenever you travel? Then, you will not be disappointed with Punta Cana. 

While it has a number of popular drinks, the Mamajuana is something that stands out from the rest. It is a homemade alcohol drink with some local leaves, rum, and red wine. 

It was invented in the 1950s as a tonic. Now, it is available in bottles sold in malls. 

Nightclubs and Discos are Everywhere 

Like other European countries, Dominican Republic loves dancing and music. That’s why you can find discos and nightclubs in every part of the country. 

If you want some entertainment after an exhausting day, visit some high-end discos in Punta Cana. 

People Are Very Welcoming 

Another thing you would love about this place is that the people are approachable and friendly. You will not think that you are different. 

The locals and other tourists will make your stay one of a kind and remarkable. 

Are you looking for the best and highest quality accommodations in Punta Cuna? Lumina is here to make your goal happen! Please feel free to contact us for further details. 

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