Why Working From Tulum Makes Sense

29 August 2021
Working From Tulum

Tulum is becoming a popular destination for remote workers in the past few years. Why is that? Below, we present some reasons many people are attracted to this beautiful place. Let’s begin! 

Tulum Transportation is Convenient

Going to Tulum is easy and stress-free as there are different means of transportation. This includes a shuttle service, car, or bus. Tulum is also 90 minutes away from the Cancun International Airport. Plus, the flights to Cancun are easy to get, as there’s a direct service from major American cities. 

Still, it is tricky to access and choose the type of transportation that best suits your specific needs or requirements. Don’t worry! The locals are approachable and welcoming. So, feel free to ask them when the need arises. 

The Security is on Another Level 

While various things run in your mind, security is one of the most important factors to consider when looking for a place to work from. 

Tulum, for instance, is safe even if the crime rate in Mexico is continuously increasing for the past years. 

But like Merida and Cancun, Tulum is different. Safety, in particular, is on the next level. 

Perhaps, you have traveled to many countries for work. How’s the experience? If your life was put in danger before, Tulum would not be the same thing. 

Everyone Speaks English

It is important to learn the basic greetings and words of every country you travel to. 

But that will not be the case in Tulum, as the majority of people in this town speak English. 

If you express yourself in English well, you can communicate to every person you meet, from the taxi drivers, locals to other travelers. 

So, that would make your entire escapade fun, enjoyable, and memorable. 

Still, it is worth it to spend some time learning the language Tutum is known for. But remember that it is not necessary. 

The Internet Connection is Strong and Reliable 

Aside from security, a reliable and strong internet connection is another thing you should weigh in mind when searching for a place to work. 

A slow and poor internet, on the other hand, is a problem in different parts of Mexico and other corners of the globe. 

But Tulum, even if the internet is not as strong as in most first-world countries, has a stable and reliable connection that can go beyond your expectations. 

To have and enjoy a quality internet, find a good location. You can visit commercial establishments like malls, of course, to improve and level up your experience. 

Stunning and World-Class Beaches 

Working at home, although it is your passion, can be challenging. If you come to the point where you feel not motivated to get up and finish all your paper works, that is the best time to take a break. 

You would consider yourself lucky if you are in Tulum as this town is home to stunning attractions like beaches. 

In fact, Tulum is considered a beach bum’s paradise for a reason. Usually, the beaches come with crystal-clear water and silky smooth sand that will allow you to unwind and forget your problem. 

Popular options you cannot afford to miss are Playa Paraiso (Riviera Maya), Playa Ruinas, Akumal Beach, Las Palmas Public Beach, Secret Beach (Sian Ka’an Bisophere), Soliman Bay (near Akumal), Paamul Beach, and more. 

The Community of Freelancers, Remote Workers, and Digital Nomads is Growing 

Because of the convenient transportation and low crime rate, Tulum already has a community of freelancers, digital nomads, and other remote workers. If you crave your favorite coffee and go to nearby shops, do not be surprised when you see people using their laptops while working.

If you are tired of the beach and are looking for a different place, the town has a dedicated working space you would love to visit.

Cenotes are Breathtaking

Aside from the white sand beaches, Tulum is famous for its cenotes. 

For those who do not know, cenotes are natural swimming holes formed when porous limestone bedrock collapses. 

Most cenotes have fresh, pure, and clear water that will surely leave you in amazement. 

With a variety of cenotes to pick from, which should you choose? Top options are Cenote Dos Ojas and Gran Cenote. 

While some prefer to check out the scenery, you should try snorkeling and diving. There’s more to see and explore under the freshwater, from fish to other rock formations. 

Now, where to stay throughout your stay in Tulum? Lumina is established to guide you from start to finish. 

We have a vast range of accommodations, making the selection process straightforward. So, do not hesitate to give us a call for further information. 

We’re happy to serve and make you happy! 

Book your accommodation with us for a worry-free vacation that you are never going to forget. We currently have homes in Punta Cana and Tulum but soon operating in Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Miami, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Colombia, Brazil, and other parts of the world.

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